New Workshop Series with Global Insight

Exciting news! Global Insight  is starting a new series of workshops.

Join me June 11th @ 1-5p in Midtown Manhattan

Learn how gender analysis is applied to logic models, results frameworks, and theories of change.

If your work touches international development, domestic or international aid, organizing, or human rights, you’ll likely find our next workshop extremely helpful.

Limited space, but all are welcome. RSVP here:

More info on other Global Insight workshops/events here:

Our team also develops customized workshops for organizations.  Please contact me if your organization would like to learn more.

Queen of Madina

Madina, Accra, GhanaFrom the car I saw her. Brown and gold layers of cloth enveloping a distinctive figure rich with the righteous scars of creating and bearing witness to life. Her skin weathered but her hands strong, she inhabited a space physically demanding and emotionally taxing, all while maintaining a knowing calm. Whereas I struggled to restore a semblance of ‘zen’ amongst the chaos of the market – imagine store fronts masked by a wave of makeshift stalls occupying every nook and cranny of streets and alleys, which pulsed with hundreds of simultaneous negotiations all set to the soundtrack of local Ghanaian music interrupted by competing horns in a sauna-like heat – this woman effortlessly reconnected with vendors who had clearly become old friends after decades of patronage. Arguably the informal Queen of Madina, this woman reminded me of the powerful and often overlooked role women play in our communities. Her movement built upon an understanding of things from the vantage point of an observer whose survival requires managing the intricacies of a system that often favors the needs of others above her own.

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